Smoking Cessation   

Hypnosis is a 100% safe and drug free way to achieve freedom from tobacco. Quit Smoking Today

The Proven Method

A great number of people find Hypnotherapy an effective treatment for smoking and other tobacco habits including dipping.  A tobacco user's negative thoughts and behavior patterns are often what prevent him or her from successfully quitting.  

Barbara Ross uses Hypnoanalysis to find and break down the thoughts and behavior patterns associated with tobacco addiction.  By identifying and rooting out the causes, she can then help you reprogram your behavior to promote a healthy lifestyle.  

Choose Your Program

The nature of tobacco addiction can vary from one person to another.  Archway Hypnosis offers two programs to help you achieve your goal of being 100% tobacco free:

The "Hardcore Smoker" Program

This program is designed for clients who need the most amount of help to quit and answer "yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Have you used tobacco for more than ten years?
  • Do you have a lack of willpower or motivation?
  • Are you Irritable or edgy when trying to quit?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in a smoke-free environment?
  • Have you been advised to quit by a medical professional?

This program is a course of three hypnosis sessions customized to help you become a permanent non smoker.  


The "Stop Today" Program

This program is designed for people who share the following traits:

  • Have used tobacco for less than ten years.
  • Highly motivated to quit immediately.
  • Easily quit before but have some difficulty making it last.
  • Have a personal support system already in place.

The Stop Today program is a single session designed to help you identify the causes of addiction and guide you through the basics of behavior control. 





*There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary from person to person.